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ArchiveOrange is an archiving service for mailing lists. Messages sent to one of our subscribed lists are filtered for spam and added to the archive almost immediately. Archived lists are available through simple web, RSS and Atom interfaces. You can browse the available lists here.

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  • Jul. 2014: Five years!
  • Oct. 2012: Two instances of "phishing"-type HTML attachments being hosted here have been brought to our attention. Unfortunately, we are now forced to disable HTML attachments. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • Dec. 2011: Due to privacy concerns, user mail addresses are no longer available. Previously these could be viewed after solving a CAPTCHA image.
  • Jan. 2011: New hardware! We have obtained a new dedicated server to run the main site. This should give us a noticeable speed boost, and with 4 TB of raw disk space, we have room to grow! The mail server will remain on a separate VPS.


You can contact us at Also see our about page.

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