Quotes by Barbara Melser Lieberman

Anyone with more than 365 pair of shoes is a pig.

Barbara Melser Lieberman

Other Great Authors

It is one thing to decry the rat race...that is the good and honorable work of moralists. It is quite another thing to quit the rat race, to drop out, to refuse to run any further--that is the work of the individualist. It is offensive because it is impolite it makes the rebuke personal the individualist calls not his or her behavior into question, but mine.

Paul Gruchow

Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in a few words.


When unhappy, one doubts everything when happy, one doubts nothing.

Joseph Roux

Under capitalism man exploits man under socialism the reverse is true.

Polish Proverb

We were so close to being one of the actual victems. It makes you feel humble.

Robert Lee Bedker

There are many people who reach their conclusions about life like schoolboys: they cheat their master by copying the answer out of a book without having worked the sum out for themselves.

Søren Kierkegaard »

Those who do not understand UNIX are condemned to reinvent it -- badly.

Henry Spencer »