Quotes by Mark Morrison-Reed

The religious community is essential, for alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen. Together, our vision widens and strength is renewed.

Mark Morrison-Reed

Other Great Authors

I believe that a worthwhile life is defined by a kind of spiritual journey and a sense of obligation.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

If you would stand well with a great mind, leave him with a favorable impression of yourself if with a little mind, leave him with a favorable impression of himself.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Nirvana or lasting enlightenment or true spiritual growth can be achieved only through persistent exercise of real love.

M Scott Peck

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

Lucille Ball

There are some people who leave impressions not so lasting as the imprint of an oar upon the water.

Kate Chopin

Never tell a man you can read him through and through most people prefer to be thought enigmas.

Marchioness Townsend »

How frequently the last time comes and we do not know.

John Walter »

If I love you, what business is it of yours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe »