Quotes by Mark Morrison-Reed

The religious community is essential, for alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen. Together, our vision widens and strength is renewed.

Mark Morrison-Reed

Other Great Authors

Ferris I asked for a car, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men, or they are no better than dreams.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of what significance is one's one existence, one is basically unaware. What does a fish know about the water in which he swims all his life The bitter and the sweet come from outside. The hard from within, from one's own efforts. For the most part I do what my own nature drives me to do. It is embarrassing to earn such respect and love for it.

Albert Einstein

Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching.


How is it possible to expect mankind to take advice when they will not so much as take warning

Jonathan Swift

The finest words in the world are only vain sounds if you cannot understand them.

Anatole France »

Wives in their husbands' absences grow subtler, And daughters sometimes run off with the butler.

George Gordon Byron »