Quotes by Eleanor Marx

By the time your life is finished, you will have learned just enough to begin it well.

Eleanor Marx

Other Great Authors

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.

Milton Friedman

I believe that justice is instinct and innate, the moral sense is as much a part of our constitution as the threat of feeling, seeing and hearing.

Thomas Jefferson

There is no salvation outside the church.

Saint Cyprian

The poor on the borderline of starvation live purposeful lives. To be engaged in a desperate struggle for food and shelter is to be wholly free from a sense of futility.

Eric Hoffer

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.

Mark Twain

Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand.

Baruch Spinoza »

Rejoicing is clearly a spiritual command. To ignore it, I need to remind you, is disobedience.

Charles R. Swindoll »