Quotes by Mary Steichen Calderone

Our children are not going to be just our children-they are going to be other people's husbands and wives and the parents of our grandchildren.

Mary Steichen Calderone

Other Great Authors

Life cannot find reasons to sustain it, cannot be a source of decent natural regard, unless each of us resolves to breathe such qualities into it.

Frank Herbert, Chenoeh: Coversations with Leto II

Money is always there, but the pockets change.

Gertrude Stein

In every aspect of our lives, we are always asking ourselves, How am I of value What is my worth Yet I believe that worthiness is our birthright.

Oprah Winfrey

Nothing is so firmly believed as what is least known.

D. A. Battista

The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.

Thomas Aquinas

The human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve, to triumph to be happy.

Ben Stein »

What is fame? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.

Leszezynski Stanislaus »