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  • This list contains about 122 messages, beginning Sep 2005
  • This list doesn't seem to be active

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Todd Rinaldo 136077228613 Feb 2013* Brazos Valley Perl Mongers, I realize this list is inactive. I'm looking for some helpers who could promote YAPC on campus in College Station. We...
Scott Walters 133840331830 May 2012* Hello. When's the next meeting? Hey, anyone going to YAPC? Cheers, -scott...
Gabor Szabo 130069926521 Mar 2011 Hi, Cross posted to the neighboring PM groups in case you'd like to use the opportunity to get together. The schedule of the Texas Linux Fest is n...
Herb Nowell 128545062625 Sep 2010 Very interesting video I picked up on the Atlanta Perl Mongers list:
Herb Nowell 126772440404 Mar 2010 Last year I got myself listed as leader of the Brazos Valley Perl Mongers and I'm ready to revive the group. If you are in the College Station/Bry...

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