Quotes by Max Weinreich

A language is a dialect with an army and a navy.

Max Weinreich

Other Great Authors

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

Oscar Wilde

Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.

Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill

Little friends may prove great friends.


To enjoy the things we ought and to hate the things we ought has the greatest bearing on excellence of character.


Be as careful of the books you read, as of the company you keep for your habits and character will be as much influenced by the former as by the latter.

Paxton Hood

Common sense and sense of humor are the same thing moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.

Clive Jones »

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.

Robin Williams »

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.

Woodrow Wilson »