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Sean Carte 137673370117 Aug 2013* Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list. In case you haven't seen it: Sean...
timothy adigun 137620359811 Aug 2013 work.Is your git account on and are you selecting it, in other to login?. Apparently, you must si...
Update to website (1 Reply)
timothy adigun 137614161510 Aug 2013* Great work you are doing here. If I may suggest however, can metacpan be added as one of the Perl Links on the home page?...
Anne Wainwright 137607034509 Aug 2013 Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list. Hi, I have just made a small update to the front page of our website. This ...
Anne Wainwright 137414709918 Jul 2013* Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list. Hi there, A simple question here - but then you know my knowledge is limited! I do my development work ...

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