Quotes by Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

And I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Other Great Authors

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

Dolly Parton

Everyone complains of his memory, none of his judgment.

La Rochefoucauld

Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.

Pearl Buck

Every man should keep a fair-sized cemetery in which to bury the faults of his friends.

Henry Ward Beecher

The world of reality has its limits the world of imagination is boundless.

Jean Jacques Rousseau »

Remember your past mistakes just long enough to profit by them.

Dan McKinnon »