Quotes by Mary Manin Boggs

My ideas are a curse. They spring from a radical discontent With the awful order of things.

Mary Manin Boggs

When we hold back on life, life holds us back.

Mary Manin Boggs

Other Great Authors

War is the biggest ego trip of all time.

Molly Wiest

Men are not against you; they are merely for themselves.

Gene Fowler

Drop the question what tomorrow may bring, and count as profit every day that fate allows you.


If heaven made him, earth can find some use for him.

Chinese Proverb

Thought itself needs words. It runs on them like a long wire. And if it loses the habit of words, little by little it becomes shapeless, somber.

Ugo Betti »

There exists a false aristocracy based on family name, property, and inherited wealth. But there likewise exists a true aristocracy based on intelligence, talent and virtue.

Tom Robbins »

Life just isn't worth living unless you're willing to take some big chances and go for broke.

Eliot Wiggington »