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DeAndre 139240109914 Feb 2014 Use 'exists' on hashes to check whether there is an entry for a key. For example: $Usage{$MAC}=0 if ( ! exists $Usage{$MAC} ); This should all...
Robert L. Harris 139240052514 Feb 2014 Quicky here. I'm processing logs do not necessarily know the MAC's of IP's I'm looking to find usage for. Right now I'm doing this...
Kaitlyn Binversie 135274456312 Nov 2012 Hi all, I have position in the Loveland, CO area. Please see below for details and let me know if you or someone you know might be interested! Descrip...
Roll call? (22 Replies)
Jay Hannah 134564218422 Aug 2012* Hey! I was near Boulder for 3 weeks visiting my brother a couple weeks back -- I totally forgot there was a! I did make it out to a very sm...
Robert L. Harris 134531479418 Aug 2012 I'm looking to write a wrapper for my minecraft server. So far I have this: #!/usr/bin/perl use Expect; use strict; my $ServerStart=0; chdir(...

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