Quotes by Maasai Proverb

Daylight follows a dark night.

Maasai Proverb

Other Great Authors

This world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.

Swami Vivekananda

The English country gentleman galloping after a fox - the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.

Oscar Wilde

If you want your eggs hatched, sit on them yourself.

Haitian Proverb

Kindness causes us to learn, and to forget, many things.

Madame Swetchine

Being intelligent is not a felony, but most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor.

Lazarus Long

A man is wise with the wisdom of his time only, and ignorant with its ignorance. Observe how the greatest minds yield in some degree to the superstitions of their age.

Henry David Thoreau »

Time for the weather report. It's cold out folks. Bonecrushing cold. The kind of cold which will wrench the spirit out of a young man, or forge it into steel.

Andrew Schneider »

Know how sublime a thing is to suffer and be strong.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow »