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Ka Yi Ho 141272395107 Oct 2014 Good day Singapore Perl Mongers, Would you like to attend 5-day workshop led by brian d foy in the Capital of Australia in Canberra? Express your inte...
Saravanan T 138103889006 Oct 2013* Hey Singapore Perl Mongers! Its time to kick start a perl meetup by next month .Hope you guys are interested :) Spoke with gaurav.He is interested to ...
Eugene Teo 137478089125 Jul 2013* All, We are hiring a senior Perl developer to join our Email Security Effectiveness Engineering team in Singapore. We offer a competitive salary and a...
mark.wong137234993827 Jun 2013 We're lookin' for a web developer: web-developer-job/view-job/1014745 ... corporate setting ... find me on linkedin, sg....
pROMIT bHATTACHARYA 136033914308 Feb 2013* Looking for perl openings in Singapore. Have 6+ years of experience working with perl regex, dbi, n ooperl. currently working in bangalore....

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