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Filipe Dutra 131964175126 Oct 2011 Boas, A pedido do Gabor Szabo, submeto o seguinte texto. :) "The Perl Weekly is a newsletter sent out every Monday morning to more than 1600 addr...
Gabor Szabo 128332300801 Sep 2010 Hi, just a friendly reminder from the Perl::Staff that the Portugal Debian Day will take place in 3 days. See details: ...
... (3 Replies)
m@rco 125216173505 Sep 2009* as melhoras pros 2 ... e at? daqui a 3 anos......
Eu (2 Replies)
Pedro Melo 125208340404 Sep 2009* Ol?, eu sou o Pedro Melo, e n?o escrevo uma linha de perl ? menos de 5 minutos. Int?,...
José Alves de Castro 119005628117 Sep 2007 :-...

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