Quotes by Miriam Makeba

Age iswisdom, if one has lived one's life properly.

Miriam Makeba

Other Great Authors

For in and out, above, about, below, 'Tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show, Play'd in a Box whose Candle is the Sun, Round which we Phantom Figures come and go.

Omar Khayym

In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs.

William Osler

Truth, like surgery, may hurt, but it cures.

Han Suyin

In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.

Robert Byrne

Beware of the man who won't be bothered with details.

William Feather

The great roe is a mythological beast with the head of a lion and the body of a lion, though not the same lion.

Woody Allen »

There are laws for everything except the harm families do.

Sue Grafton, D is for Deadbeat »