Quotes by Frank Herbert, Dune First Law of Mentat

A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.

Frank Herbert, Dune First Law of Mentat

Other Great Authors

When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them.


My salad days, When I was green in judgment.

William Shakespeare

The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.

Hubert H. Humphrey

The troublesome ones in a family are usually either the wits or the idiots.

George Eliot, Middlemarch

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise seek what they sought.


If you must choose between two paths, either of which will bring death and defeat, then choose the path wherein you die fighting for honor and justice.

Pan Ku »

There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first moments of our first great sorrow, when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and be healed, to have despaired and have recovered hope.

George Eliot »