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This week's QA teleconference - Call for agenda items

Tim McNamara 1267389865Sun, 28 Feb 2010 20:44:25 +0000 (UTC)
Hi all,

What would you like to discuss?

Here are some things I can think of:

   - XO-1.5 shipment Sri Lanka - update from Virtusa / customs
   - Decision around global testing method:
      - OLPC XOs: testers to review for tickets
      labelled "test"
      - Sugar/Activity testers - ?

Holt 1267668191Thu, 04 Mar 2010 02:03:11 +0000 (UTC)
Great news: the 8 units successfully delivered to Virtusa Inc in Sri 
Lanka today!  Contents including:

    4 XO-1.5 C2's (labeled "SKU-99, ENGINEERING SAMPLE", early 
mass-production units)

    2 XO-1.5 C1's (labeled "C-TEST, ENGINEERING SAMPLE", 99.999% 
equivalent to the above?)

    2 XO-1's (labelled "SKU1", to supplement the 2 XO-1's Sri Lanka's 
Virtusa Inc already has)

Summary: 6 XO-1.5's and 4 XO-1's for Virtusa's team of 10 testers.  Now 
we need to begin prep'ing by reflashing to build os110 -- does Virtusa 
have USB memory sticks of 1GB or higher ready -- ideally from several 
different vendors to ensure XO compatibility?

PS those wanting to join the *Thursday* teleconference call in 3hrs from 
now, let me know ASAP:*
00:01/Midnight(US/Boston)*    *10:30(SL/Colombo)    16:00(AU/Sydney)    

*Possible Backchannels
And on
AGENDA: (cumulative)*

* have all the people participating have registered on the testing 
mailing list:

* OLPC XOs: testers to review for tickets 
labelled "test"

* any feedback on the fantastic testing being done by the New Zealand 

* Sri Lanka's great gift of 10 full-time testing people over 1.5 months 
(starting Mch 8?) can help us build back 2008's very inspiring community 
testing drive:
   Thanks to the Virtusa Corporation donating these 10 employees, and 
proven formal methods we'll integrate alongside, like:

> Build 10.10 latest, 201 to be released soon (explanation development 
builds: 100s - unsigned builds, 200s - signed builds)

* os110 is the latest development build; os111, os112 etc will likely 
    os201 is the latest signed/stable build on the early production 
XO-1.5 laptops; os202 may not happen for a little while?
    All XO-1.5 builds are available here:

* Decision around global testing method -- with Chamindra (Sri Lanka 
Testing CoLead w/ Dhanushka & Kapila) explains the great streamlining 
power of:
   COMPARE ABOVE methods.
   Writing test cases and following them are a snap -- once someone 
installs this PHP site?

* The Sri Lankan team is familiar with open sources methods, but 
Cultural intros structuring/cleaning and will be extremely important.

* While the XO-1.5's OS/Sugar Activities (and Gnome too) will certainly 
be our core focus, side projects will hopefully also be important too:

    - XO-1 : backporting Fedora 11 for ~1.5 million XO's already out 
there? (Steve Parrish in North Carolina cc'd, please clarify your 
testing needs!)

    - Similarly Martin Langhoff's possible Release 8.2.2:

    - Sugar 0.88 (Holt asks Simon Schampijer in Berlin: what 
testing/reporting he wants in March/April?)
       (virtual machines or

    - Sinhala Translation work (Sri Lankan team can start / recheck 
right away!)

FEB 18 CALL NOTES from Tim McNamara:
Attendees: [Holt], James, Chamindra, Kapila, Tim

"1300 XOs in Sri Lanka..."

James - [OLPC's] systems test coordinator - Aus business days - testing 
XOs 1.5, mainly hardware/kernel - integration between Sugar & h/w 
features. lots of problems w/ software components. Problems with kernel 
that are not huge issues. SugarLabs have issues. Important to test. 
Produce lots of laptops. We think we have solved with laptops / 
peripher[al]s. Problems shouldn't arise.

Software stack, Fedora 11 / where possible we fix the issues & send 
upstream. Sugar is the UI. 

Testlink allows test cases to be replicated easily. At the moment, there 
is no formal method for testing. Balance between 
informal/formal methodology to testing to be struck. Formal methods 
could available to the community. With Testlink, just be matter of 
writing test cases & then moving testers toward the site.

There seems to be a good past effort here:

"Friends in Testing" (Micheal Stone) community drive to do something in 
the test suite. When a ticket is raised in OLPC, it's sent to Sugar. 

Wellington, NZ update: numbers seem limited, Tabitha has moved to 
Auckland - recruitment needed

Sri Lankan team to focus on Sugar/activities testing.

*Next meeting*
14 days' time. [phone meetings will be Thursday every 2 weeks, 12:01am 
(midnight) Eastern Time]
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