Quotes by Richard Moss, M.D.

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.

Richard Moss, M.D.

Other Great Authors

No tyranny is so irksome as petty tyranny the officious demands of policemen, government clerks, and electromechanical gadgets.

Edward Abbey

Until you can measure something and express it in numbers, you have only the begining of understanding.

Lord Kelvin

Nothing can so pierce the soul as the uttermost sigh of the body.

George Santayana

We're not lost. We're locationally challenged.

John M. Ford

Humor is richly rewarding to the person who employs it. It has some value in gaining and holding attention. But it has no persuasive value at all.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Education a debt due from present to future generations.

George Peabody »

Never speak more clearly than you think.

Jeremy Bernstein »