Quotes by Lindsay Lohan

I am happy being able to play roles with people my age because once you do something really mature there is no turning back.

Lindsay Lohan

Other Great Authors

The lawyer's truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.

Henry David Thoreau

To be always intending to live a new life, but never find time to set about it - this is as if a man should put off eating and drinking from one day to another till he be starved and destroyed.

Sir Walter Scott

I was eleven, then I was sixteen. Though no honors came my way, those were the lovely years.

Bernard Mannes Baruch

He is free knows how to keep in his own hands the power to decide.

Salvador De Madriaga

There is no glory in otustripping donkeys.

Marcus Valerius Martialis

If it were not for the company of fools, a witty man would often be greatly at a loss.

La Rochefoucauld »

If you are ever at a loss to support a flagging conversation, introduce the subject of eating.

Leigh Hunt »