Quotes by J. W. Fulbright

In a democracy dissent is an act of faith. Like medicine, the test of its value is not in its taste, but in its effects.

J. W. Fulbright

The citizen who criticizes his country is paying it an implied tribute.

J. W. Fulbright

Other Great Authors

Procrastination is like a credit card it's a lot of fun until you get the bill.

Christopher Parker

At high tide fish eat ants; at low tide ants eat fish.

Thai Proverb

Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly.

Robert Doisneau

Get the best out of your body that you can get.

Pat Hall

There were so many candidates on the platform that there were not enough promises to go around.

Ronald Reagan »

We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have never deceived us.

Samuel Johnson »

I do not believe in political movements. I believe in personal movement, that movement of the soul when a man who looks at himself is so ashamed that he tries to make some sort of change-within himself, not on the outside.

Joseph Brodsky »