Quotes by Henry Royce

The quality will remain when the price is forgotten.

Henry Royce

Other Great Authors

Almost anything you do is insignificant, But it is very important that you do it.

Mahathma Gandhi

Mediocrity does not see higher than itself. But talent instantly recognizes the genius.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The true conservative is the man who has a real concern for injustices and takes thought against the day of reckoning.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The enthusiasm of a woman's love is even beyond the biographer's.

Jane Austen

A man in all the world's new fashion planted, That hath a mint of phrases in his brain.

William Shakespeare

It is simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences.

Aristotle »

A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.

Dwight D Eisenhower »

Make your bargain before beginning to plow.

Arab Proverb »