Quotes by Stanislaus J. Lec

In a war of ideas, it is people who get killed.

Stanislaus J. Lec

Other Great Authors

No life that breathes with human breath Has ever truly longed for death.

Alfred Tennyson

It's not true that life is one damn thing after another it is one damn thing over and over.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Blade He makes the weapons, I use them.


There would not be so many open mouths if there were not so many open ears.

Bishop Hall

Acquaintance. A person whom we know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend to.

Ambrose Gwinett Bierce

It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don't. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever.

Philip Adams »

If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves.

Roth Gabrielle »

Few men desire liberty The majority are satisfied with a just master.

Sallust »