Quotes by Quincy Jones

I've always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, Ain't that the truth.

Quincy Jones

Other Great Authors

Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

Eddie Cantor

And for the season it was winter, and they that know the winters of that country know them to be sharp and violent, and subject to cruel and fierce storms.

William Bradford

Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Vince Lombardi, Lombardi Winning is the only thing by Jerry Kramer

Spider-Man Go web. Fly. Up, up, and away web. Shazam. Web it. Tally ho.


The world's a bubble and the life of man Less than a span.

Francis Bacon

Poetry is the utterance of deep and heartfelt truth. The true poet is very near the oracle.

Edward Hubbell Chaplin »

Being divorced is like being hit by a Mack truck-if you survive you start looking very carefully to the right and left.

Jean Kerr »