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Perl Platform and Application Development Engineer (onsite), Austria, Vienna

Perl Jobs 1285968363Fri, 01 Oct 2010 21:26:03 +0000 (UTC)
Online URL for this job:

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Posted: October  1, 2010

Job title: Perl Platform and Application Development Engineer

Company name: tripwolf

Location: Austria, Vienna

Terms of employment: Salaried employee

Hours: Full time

Onsite: yes

tripwolf is one of the world's leading online travel guides. To strengthen
and extend the portfolio we are looking for a platform and application
development engineer who shall
• develop a new hi-performance delivery system
• design and implement tracking and reporting modules
• collaborate with other engineers to improve our existing platform and

Required skills:
• Experience in object oriented and/or functional programming (>2y).
• Experience in designing/developing enterprise level systems and working
with relational databases.
• Evidence of API design, basic architecture skills and an understanding of
• Our primary development environment is Perl, but Perl experience is not a
requirement if you are keen to learn. If you are not fluent in "Modern
Perl", you will need to demonstrate related skills and evidence of
adaptability. Experience in multiple languages will count in your favour.
• Experience working in UNIX/Linux environments.

Desired skills:
• Experience in development of web-based applications.
• Experience of working with inter-operating systems and/or Web Services
• Experience with using the following technologies:
  • Catalyst
  • PostgreSQL
  • Web technologies (XHTML,JS,CSS)
• Basic experience of Unix/Linux system administration.

Contact information at:
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