Quotes by William Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew

He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.

William Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew

My tongue will tell the anger of mine heart, Or else my heart, concealing it, will break.

William Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew

Other Great Authors

Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of witnesses.

Margaret Millar

Nigel It's like, how much more black could this be and the answer is none. None more black.

This Is Spinal Tap

If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out

Will Rogers

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

Katharine Whitehorn

Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn »

Why does no one confess his sins Because he is yet in them. It is for a man who has awoke from sleep to tell his dreams.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca »

The earth has music for those who listen.

William Shakespeare »