Quotes by Virginia Kelley

There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit - and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.

Virginia Kelley

Other Great Authors

Great minds discuss ideas Average minds discuss events Small minds discuss people.


I think there are innumerable gods. What we here on earth call God is a little tribal God who has made an awful mess. Certainly forces operating trough human conciousness control events.

William S. Buroughs, Paris Review, Fall 1965

Ask five economists and you'll get five different answers (six if one went to Harvard).

Edgar R. Fiedler

Engineering is not merely knowing and being knowledgeable, like a walking encyclopedia engineering is not merely analysis engineering is not merely the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non-existent engineering problems engineering is practicing the art of the organized forcing of technological change... Engineers operate at the interface between science and society...

Dean Gordon Brown

Where did they put pictures, comic strips, and coupons before they invented the refrigerator door?

Jerry Scott, Baby Blues: Ten Years and Still in Diapers

I remember a time when everybody I loved hated me because I hated them. - Letter to Stuart Sutcliffe circa 1960

John Lennon »

Grow into your ideals so that life cannot rob you of them.

Albert Schweitzer »