Quotes by Pauline Frederick

When a man gets up to speak, people listen, then look. When a woman gets up, people look then, if they like what they see, they listen.

Pauline Frederick

Other Great Authors

Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.

Immanuel Kant

Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.

Eric Hoffer

All sins cast long shadows.

Irish Proverb

To save time is to lengthen life.

Author Unknown

True friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.

Edna Buchanan

Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.

Oscar Wilde »

Between the amateur and the professional...there is a difference not only in degree but in kind. The skillful man is, within the function of his skill, a different psychological organization...A tennis player or a watchmaker or an airplane pilot is an automatism but he is also criticism and wisdom.

Bernard De Voto »