Quotes by John Viscount Morley

Even good opinions are worth very little unless we hold them in the broad, intelligent, and spacious way.

John Viscount Morley

It is not enough to do good one must do it the right way.

John Viscount Morley

Other Great Authors

The beauty seen is partly in him who sees it.

Christian Nestell

The countenances of children, like those of animals, are masks, not faces, for they have not yet developed a significant profile of their own.

Wystan Hugh Auden

There is no such thing as "fun for the whole family."

Jerry Seinfeld

The pencil sharpener is about as far as I have ever got in operating a complicated piece of machinery with any success.

Robert Benchley

Whatever you undertake, act with prudence, and consider the consequences.

Anonymous »

The truest expression of a people is in its dance and music.

Agnes de Mille »