Quotes by Othal Brand

Sure, it's going to kill a lot of people, but they may be dying of something else anyway.

Othal Brand

Other Great Authors

"My country, right or wrong," is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, "My mother, drunk or sober."

G. K. Chesterton

Assuming either the Left Wing or the Right Wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles.

Pat Paulsen

Never be haughty to the humble never be humble to the haughty.

Jefferson Davis

If not for fear, sin would be sweet.

Jewish Proverb

It could be said that the AIDS pandemic is a classic own-goal scored by the human race against itself.


If my survival caused another to perish, then death would be sweeter and more beloved.

Kahlil Gibran »

For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.

Saint Teresa of Avila »

Cheerfulness, it would appear, is a matter which depends fully as much on the state of things within, as on the state of things without and around us.

Charlotte Bronte »