Quotes by Fernando Botero, Columbian painter and sculptor

I describe in a realistic form a nonrealistic reality.

Fernando Botero, Columbian painter and sculptor

Other Great Authors

Misery no longer loves company. Nowadays it insists on it.

Russell Baker

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale

This is the true nature of home -- it is the place of Peace; the shelter, not only from injury, but from all terror, doubt and division.

John Ruskin

... I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and to the Savior, for whose Kingdom it stands, one Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again, with life and liberty for all who believe.

J Danforth Quayle

Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause; He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws.

Sir Richard Francis Burton

Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time, which every day produces, and which most men throw away, but which nevertheless will make at the end of it no small deduction for the life of man.

Charles Caleb Colton »

The majority of husbands remind me of an orangutan trying to play the violin.

Honore' de Balzac »

It isn't always necessary to achieve great things. Sometimes, just surviving is a great achievement.

Unknown »