Quotes by Susanne Langer

In human life, art may arise from almost any activity, and once it does so, it is launched on a long road of exploration, invention, freedom to the limits of extravagance, interference to the point of frustration, finally discipline, controlling constant change and growth.

Susanne Langer

Other Great Authors

The older one grows, the more one likes indecency.

Virginia Woolf

The way to get on with a cat is to treat it as an equal--or even better, as the superior it knows itself to be.

Elizabeth Peters

It is not giving children more that spoils them it is giving them more to avoid confrontation.

John Gray

There is.nothing to suggest that mothering cannot be shared by several people.

H. R. Schaffer, O Magazine, May 2003

The poet ranks far below the painter in the representation of visible things, and far below the musician in that of invisible things.

Leonardo Da Vinci

There is hardly anybody good for everything, and there is scarcely anybody who is absolutely good for nothing.

Lord Chesterfield »

That is what marriage really means: helping one another to reach the full status of being persons, responsible and autonomous beings who do not run away from life.

Paul Tournier »