Best Breitling Watches For Real Men

Founded in 1884. Breitling is one of the manufacturers of the men’s finest wristwatches in the world. Leon Breitling formed the company at the age of twenty-four who soon acquired an excellent reputation in the technical production of the timepieces. Later, the expansion of his company happened and was relocated to Grenchen and started to specialize in chronographs.

During the announcement of the first world war about the revelation of the first arrival of the real airplane, Breitling shifted their attention to the area of aviation timekeeping and resulted in being an excellent move. A new ground happened in the second world war where they introduced the modern “Chronomat” timepiece which was known to be the first to fit with a round slide rule to support the navigation. With its account of being the premium pilot’s watch, the Swiss company became the actual pilot’s choice all over the world. It was further joined during the naming of the Airline Owners and Pilots Association on the Chronomat as its official timepiece. In 1962, Breitling achieved its success when the American astronaut, Scott Carpenter, wore one of the Breitling’s watches in space. The timepiece is known to be “Cosmonaute” and is a hugely sought after watch now.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter        Breitling Chronomat

It was in the 1970’s stage where Breitling saw its fortunes dip as much cheaper, more quartz timepieces and are accurate that took the world by storm. The Swiss company fought off a soaring tide of competition particularly from the Far East and Japan with brands like Seiko that took a lot of their business. The turnover happened in the early 1980’s with the management of Ernest Schneider who happened to be the promoter of the brand with the existence of the aviation background that turned out to be a very queried asset. The mechanical timepieces like the Breitling wristwatches rose again into the spotlight. Also, the Breitling wristwatch in the late 1980’s, with its massive case and bezel was recognized to be a symbol status in the world.

Ernest Schneider

The wristwatches of Breitling remain to be the first choice of the professional aviators until present generation. The Breitling Emergency is a new model that sends out a radio distress signal when the wearer becomes lost. Also, it keeps the brand at the technology’s forefront as well as the style.