Best Omega Watches For Men

Omega has a huge family of athletes that shared qualities of excellence such as the golfers, yachtsmen, racers and swimmers. All of these personalities possess unique qualities, and you can enjoy the benefits when you choose to own an Omega timepiece.

1. Titleholder and record-breaking swimmers wear Omega watches

Phenomenal talents are coming from the family of champions that includes the record-breaking and popular swimmer Michael Phelps together with some fine gentlemen who share the pool with him and compete, namely Alexander Popov and Ian Thorpe. Furthermore, an Omega ambassador since 2001 is the legendary yachtsman Dean Barker from the Team New Zealand and the seven-time World Champion One driver Michael Schumacher who joins the Omega family in 1997, is known to be the best racing driver. Omega is humbly honored to have these remarkable men who are representing the brand and their contributions to the brand are highly valued.

Michael Phelps 2. Omega Watch wore by European Golf Champion
In 2003, Omega invited another sporting personality to join the family, and that was Sergio Garcia a.k.a ‘El Niño,’ who gained success in the golf career at the age of 19 which made him as the European Amateur Champion. The relationship he has with Omega is strong that lead him to achieve a progressive image and in return, Omega values Sergio for his competitive spirit, high ambition and the faith he has for himself. Omega and Sergio both gain a huge success.

Sergio Garcia

3. Omega Watches in Bollywood
Omega family does not limit only to personalities who are in sports but also include an award-winning actor from Bollywood Abhishek Bachchan. He became the Omega ambassador in 2006 and is significantly contributing to the development and growth of the Indian market. Abhishek’s career started in the year 2000, but it was until the four hits that he got consecutively in 2004 that made his film career moved up to achieving a big break. The Omega collections that he enjoys the most are the Omega De Ville, Omega Constellation, and Omega Seamaster in which you can find the fantastic benefits during and after your Omega watch purchase.

Abhishek Bachchan

This broad selection of men is evidence that Omega does not only recognize the needs of the individual but also caters to them. It only shows that no matter what your lifestyle is, there’s always a way that a timepiece like Omega is achievable.