Tag Heuer

Since 1860, TAG Heuer is a world renowned Swiss avant-garde with its vision for passion and innovation in sports. The sporty appeal and its dynamic scientific accuracy show the creations’ hallmark.  The originality of their timepieces’ mechanics and designs made them ahead among other watch companies. Also, the Tag watch collections are the noble incarnation of the technology, and contemporary art and technology are the results of the excellence in engineering and expertise in horology.

Tag Heuer Watch Collection

The  TAG Heuer Monaco turned a new leaf in watchmaking history by being the first square-cased water resistant timepiece. Also, the collection of the TAG Monaco gained a full fashion account during its appearance on the wrist of the famous American actor, Steve McQueen, especially in his racing film entitled Le Mans. The Monaco series brings pride in the modern horology with the help of its wide range of automatic timepieces, hi-tech linear system watches, and chronographs.

Tag Heuer Monaco

Moreover, the TAG Carrera was introduced as a tribute to the iconic speed adventure Carrera Panamericana. The collection is best to match for people who love tough and challenging motorsport. The artistic charm of the TAG Carrera watches wholly enchanting and heart-warming for both men and women.

Tag Carrera

The TAG link timepiece is a primary link between sports, time and style. The timepieces under the Tag Link series has the revolutionized time telling techniques and a TAG Heuer’s authority stamp. TAG Heuer has an energetic, aquatic and water sports watch known as the TAG Heuer Aquaracer. It is known for its diligence and efficiency that highlights its water strength. For women, the Aquaracer quartz is subtly acknowledged for its high fashion beauty.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer

A reflection of the company’s trademark perfection and precision is through the TAG Formula 1 timepiece. With the involvement of the world champion Fernando Alfonso for designing the watches of Formula 1, the uniqueness of this series stands out for having a competitive sportsmanship and spirit. The TAG Formula 1 is a must have watch for champions and aspiring winners.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

Watches from Tag Heuer are a magical combination of prestige enthralled on the wrist. It’s the merging of the twin sensations that draws the attention of the Tag Heuer watch ambassadors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiger Woods where they also share the values of a Tag Heuer timepiece. These common values being shared is what separate each of these superstars, DiCaprio, Woods, and the timepieces of Tag Heuer, from other competitors.